Winner of the National Library Week Lives change @ your library Drawing

The theme for this year's National Library Week celebration was Lives change @ your library, so we asked library patrons across the country to tell us how the library had changed their lives.

We had a wonderful response. Naturally, lots of people mentioned the books, music and DVDs.  Many mentioned inspiration and the love of reading instilled in them by their local school and public librarians.  But they also spoke about  help with job searches, access to technology like computers and e-readers and the sense of community they find at their libraries.

Juwan Spicer found his dream of becoming a video game designer at the YOUmedia Miami.

A mother in Colorado submitted a wonderful story to the Arapahoe Library District about how the library's 3D printer (and librarian) had provided her son with a unique learning experience.

She had purchased a weight set for her son from Craig'sList which arrived with a smallpiece missing and found help at her local library.

"We went to the library where the librarian then showed us a CAD program and explained how the piece could be virtually reconstructed using cylindrical composition. My son and I went to Home Depot and got some calipers, and then he did the work to construct the object as the librarian had described. We gave the model to the library and had the object printed. We then applied it to the weight machine and it works.

"People who think of a library as a giant book closet may wonder why it needs a 3D printer. But for people who think of a library as a place for self directed learning, this tool allowed my son to apply mathematics, geometry and technology to solve his own real life problem."

Lives really do change at libraries. Many thanks to everyone who took the time to share what the library means to them.

Oh, and congratulations to Daniel D. from Campbell County, Va., the winner of our grand-prize drawing for a Kindle Fire for this tweet:


Best of all, as Katie Lane, program manager at Campbell Campbell County Public Library was quick to point out when she notified Daniel and his family, the library has free e-books available to read on that new Kindle!  

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