School library month, communites matter at your library

April is School Library Month. 

Each day, we’re rolling out 30 reasons why we should celebrate school libraries: quotes from authors and from people who use and love their school library and the facts that further make the case.

Have a story that you’d like to share about why you love school libraries?

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A school library is a place where a kid can escape
A school library is like the Bat Cave: it's a safe fortress in a chaotic world
School libraries are the foundation of our culture, not luxuries
Ever since I stepped in this library, I could tell there was something special
librarians are the 'guides inside' our schools
School libraries are very important. A quiet place to read or look at pictures.
Schools without libraries are like plants without sunshine
My high school library was really important to me.
I like the library because there is never someone mad here; books make people ha
 a dynamic place where students develop information literacy skills
The Library Should Be the Heart of the School
It’s the perfect place to put your feet up and relax - to get your homework done
An Indiana study showed that students average better test scores when teachers a
School libraries provide equal access to the world of print and digital media.
16.	"My mother died when I was young. My school librarian knew just which books
Remedy for Socioeconomic Gaps in Academic Achievement
Schools with librarians working more hours yield students with higher reading s
Reading scores in grades 3-5 are 4-8% higher for schools with librarians
School libraries help bridge the digital divide
California high schools with good school library programs have 19‐21% increase i
Mo Willems Quote
A great school library becomes the heart of the school and the center of the
Lauren Myracle quote