Preserving Photographs

Starting Advice for Photographs of all Kinds

Find a Stable Place for Storage

Because photos hold beauty and memory (photo of boy and sheep)

Store paper items in a clean storage area where you can keep the temperature and relative humidity (RH) moderate and stable.  68 degrees Farenheit or less and between 30-40%. Lower temperature is best for color photos.  High (RH) and temperature speed decay; low humidity can crack, peel, or curl photos.  Provide good air circulation.  Check regularly for signs of pests.  Avoid attics and basements.  An air-conditioned room or closet is best.

Don't expose paper to fumes, plywood, cleaning supplies, or cardboard.  Avoid attics and basements and provide good air circulation.  Good housekeeping helps protect your treasures.  Check regularly for signs of rodents, silverfish, "book lice" and other pests; eliminate them if found.

Protect From Light

All light causes fading and other damage.  Store and display items away from natural and artificial light.  Many photos are particularly vulnerable.  Display framed items on interior walls away from sunlight and keep indoor lighting exposure to a minimum.  Use UV filtered glazing for frames. Alternately, make a copies of your photographs for display and keep the originals stored away away from all exposure to light.


This information applies only to photographic prints.  Learn about preserving digital photographs.


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