Preservation tips for Military Families

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Photos in shoebox

All of us have treasured memories of our family vacations, holidays, and special events.  Often these photographs, newspaper clippings, films, or other items have been passed down from previous generations and have been stored haphazardly in shoeboxes under beds or in boxes in the basement.  Here are some simple tips for caring for these treasures so they are available to pass on to...

Libraries, museums, archives and other organizations work every day to preserve cultural history.  Over 4.8 billion artifacts are held in public trust by more than 30,000 archives, historical societies, libraries, museums, scientific research collections and archaeological repositories in the United States.

Why is preservation important?  Some 2.6 billion items are not protected by an emergency plan such as natural disasters, and 1.3 billion of these items are at risk of being lost. If billions of items are at risk at our heritage institutions, than plausibly trillions of items held by the general public are at risk.

During Preservation Week libraries all over the country present events, activities, and resources that highlight what we can do, individually and together, to preserve our personal and shared collections.

We've compiled some resources to help you preserve your family treasures and learn what to when disaster strikes. There's also an activity guide filled with fun projects to get the whole family involved.

Pass it on, Preserve your Family Treasures, Learn More