The Mystery of the Missing E-books

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Internet activist and blogger Art Blodsky posted a timely entry about the value of libraries, and why it is important for  publishers to make all e-books available to libraries.
He writes, "It's time for book publishers to recognize two realities. First, libraries aren't going anywhere. As the Pew Center's Internet and American Life Project reported Oct. 23, "More than eight in ten Americans between the ages of 16 and 29 read a book in the past year, and six in ten used their local public library." Libraries are here to stay.
Second, and just as important, libraries are an important sales channel for publishers. Research has consistently shown, as a recent Library Journal survey found, that "In fact, over 50 percent of all library users go on to purchase books by an author they were introduced to in the library." A study earlier this year found much the same thing. Libraries are open to innovations, like "buy" buttons for e-books on their catalogs, which would help publishers.

It's time for book publishers to recognize who their friends and allies are. Libraries should be at the top of the list. By jacking up prices and making life for library readers difficult, book publishers hurt only themselves, not just in the long run, but in the present as well."


Read the full blogpost,"The Mystery of the Missing E-books" at The Huffington Post.



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