Connect with your kids: Hunger Games Food for Thought

The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins

Hungry for more Hunger Games? You’ve read the books, you pre-ordered your tickets, but the movie debut is still two weeks away.  Now what?

Satisfy your Hunger Games appetite by preparing a Hunger Games inspired menu with your family.

Team Peeta fans: check out bread and cookies recipes, or books on cake decorating.

If you’re looking for heartier fare, visit The Hunger Games section Fictional Food for recipes from District 12’s own Greasy Sae.  Or consider a pre-Hunger Games viewing feast of Katniss’ favorite lamb and dried plum stew, or maybe the chicken in creamy orange sauce she eats with Cinna.

While one of the few benefits of Katniss’ trip to the Capitol was a full belly, she makes a point of remembering how hungry many of the people are back home in District 12 and throughout Panem.

Things aren’t so different in Katniss’ world than in our own, where one in seven people go to bed hungry each night.

The cast of the movie teamed up with the World Food Programme and Feeding America to raise money and awareness about world hunger.

Many libraries are doing their part by hosting food drives in the lead up to the movie’s release. Be sure to stop by your library to see if it’s taking part in a food drive or similar program.

For more ideas on how you can connect with your kids, check out the What’s Cooking? and the Passion for Service sections of the Connect with your kids @ your library Family Activity Guide.

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